Sag Wagon

Taking a breakWhy do they call it a "sag wagon"?

As long as I can remember, cyclists where I grew up referred to the support vehicle that accompanied us on trips as the "sag wagon".

Where the name came from, nobody really knew. What the term meant, everybody had their own opinion.

On the club tours that characterized my early tour experiences, the sag wagon was there to offer support and encouragement to tired riders, besides carry gear. We referred to the driver as "mom", regardless of her or his gender or age, knowing that whoever was in charge of the van would look out for us and take care of whatever we needed.

The sag wagon was there to rescue tired cyclists as they sagged from fatigue.

Others, those accustomed to acronyms, were certain that the term was short for "Support And Gear".

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Also, see this definition provided by Sheldon Brown of Harris Cyclery.


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